William Wong


My wife and I grow old together, and music relights the sparkles in our relationship.

When I was young, I had always envied my classmates who had the chance to learn playing musical instruments. Music seemed to have played a part in my fate – later in life I met my wife, who happened to be a piano instructor. Every night when I got home from work, I could enjoy her relaxing classical music. My interest in music has grown stronger and stronger over time. Until recent years, my burden of taking care of the family was lessened, which allowed me to finally pursue my long-hidden music dream. What's more unexpected is, music even takes my marriage to the next level. It is honeymoon all over again – our minds are once again young, we have endless topics to talk about, our souls are more connected than ever.


I started my music journey as a 'substitution'. I planned to apply for a course organized by the Music Office but missed the deadline. To ease my disappointment, I realized they had a substitution system – if anyone dropped out, people on the waiting list could fill in. Luck was on my side, someone really dropped out before the course started and I took his place in the saxophone class. Afterwards, I took a step further and joined the group performance class, where I practiced and learned with my classmates, and together we appreciated the unique charm of saxophone.

My wife who is always open to new challenges also took up a new instrument – the cello. Last year we both became members of the TWGHs E Major Ensemble, it was like going back to high school. Every Thursday we attend the rehearsal; at home we practice regularly with discipline; music has become an indispensable part of our lives. In order to further improve my skills, I started taking one-on-one saxophone tutorials. My tutor carefully corrects my mistakes, showing me the correct body posture, fingering and playing techniques. To be honest, I am nothing more than a beginner in saxophone and my progress of learning is slow, yet thanks to the weekly guidance from my patient tutor, I am able to understand my weaknesses, hence spend more time to work on those specific areas. With a solid foundation, I can coordinate better with other members in the orchestra to achieve the best standard as a whole.


I am grateful to see progress in my journey of learning music, but excited to have developed a common interest with my wife. We both began a new adventure in our retirement life, we learn new things together, develop common interest together, and become each other’s spiritual support in this adventure. We are fortunate enough to be admitted to the E Major Ensemble together. Apart from practicing with the team, we also go to concerts arranged by the ensemble. 

We appreciate a wide range of music genres and have endless topics to talk about. Yet a journey must come with ups and downs. During the high times, after enjoying a high quality performance for instance, my wife and I will rush home and motivate each other to practice; during the low times, when our health conditions are less desirable or we come to a bottleneck, we support each other to get through. All these bits and pieces form the good memories in our music adventure. We grow old together, and music relights the sparkles in our relationship.


I would like to take this chance to thank our conductor for his patient guidance in the past year. I can gradually improve my skills and experience the real fun of playing in an orchestra. The conductor is strict on us in every rehearsal; he pays close attention to the accuracy of each pitch and rhythm of each section. His seriousness pushes us to further improve. However, sometimes when we are really unable to overcome our obstacles, he will be considerate enough to make rearrangements according to our abilities, such as re-arranging the rhythm of the song, or re-assigning some parts to other instruments. In this way, all members’ abilities and needs are taken care of without sacrificing the quality of performance for the audience.


After a few months of intensive training, we are finally going onto the stage at HKAPA. Looking back at my music adventure, I realize as long as I love music genuinely with all my heart, I will naturally push myself to do better, regardless of the difficulties. In addition to the support and encouragement from my wife, it is never too late for me to learn playing the music!