Subsidy Scheme for Music Instrumental Training

"Subsidy Scheme for Music Instrumental Training" is one of the core project of E Major Instrumental Music Training Scheme for Third Age which advocates the importance of music in enhancing elderly's health quality of life. In particular, the scheme fosters musical education among senior members, and to celebrate their concerted effort in achieving outstanding performances, music education and sharing. In building music to the elderly's life, the scheme hopes to not only broaden their knowledge of music, but also utilize their time-enduring insights, talents and passion to fuel our society, educating the general public on the wonder and endless possibilities music can bring to the elderly and society as a whole.


Selected participant can learn western instrument on the accredited music center individually. Subsidy-provided will be based on the economic status of participants. Moreover, group class of percussion and harp will be arranged by the music centers collaborated with us. After the completion of 1-year instrumental learning, members will be invited to perform at the concert named as "Fly with Metronome Recital" to showcase the achievement to their family and friends on stage.


The application and audion period hold on October to November every year. Details will be announced on our Facebook page, please follow us to get the latest information.

Student Voices

When I was young, I had a special liking for the piano. I heard that others played well and felt that I was so busy with the economic environment, so I had never had the opportunity to study. Until more than a year ago, I took the courage to step out of the first step of learning the piano. Even if there is a problem with my health condition six months ago, I need to go to the hospital regularly. But I have enthusiasm for learning music. I want to continue to practice my favourite song and play whenever my health condition is fine enough.
Ko Ka Woo (Age 82)Piano
Being able to share music with everyone is fun. I am now over 80-year-old, I may be an old man in the eyes of other people. When I start to get in touch with the piano, it is true that the deterioration of physical function will affect the learning. For example, it is difficult for the teacher to enlarge the score and the left and right hands to coordinate. But I believe that as long as you don't give up and stick to your goals, you will succeed.
Ng Ngan Yuk (Age 83)Piano
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I am so thankful for the opportunity given by TWGHs E Major Instrumental Music Learning Scheme for the third age to actualize my music dream. I enjoy my retired life with music, especially treasure the moment to play music with my son when he is at home.
Chan Yee Kuenflute