Wu Kwan Lai Chun Charitable Fund

We are enormously grateful to Wu Kwan Lai Chun Charity Fund for their financial support to making our elders’ music dreams come true.



  • Tung Wah Group of Hospitals strives to provide opportunity for our elders and retirees to enjoy music. You can support us by :
  • offering Free complimentary concert ticket
  • sponsoring one-off or monthly donation of any amount
  • offering music talk, workshops and master class
  • sponsoring individual elders to learn music


For any other forms of support, feel free to call us at 2691 1230 to discuss.


Thank you to all the companies and organizations who have contributed so generously to E Major Project through different kinds of collaboration and by offering complimentary tickets to our elders in the past:


  • City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong
  • The China Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra
  • The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
  • The Hong Kong Guitar Ensemble
  • The Hong Kong String Orchestra
  • Premiere Performances of Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Chamber Wind Philharmonia
  • Grandmaster Orchestral Music Society
  • Belilios Winds
  • PercussionSpirit Music Centre 
  • Tung Wah Academy of Music
  • Pro Arte Orchestra of Hong Kong
  • Music Lab
  • Jockey Club New Arts Power
  • Hong Kong Piano Music Association
  • Hong Kong Cellist Society
  • Hong Kong International Cello Assoication
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong M.A. Programme in Cultural Management


(in arbitrary order)