Is there any minimum level of qualification as to join the orchestra?

Basically, there is no grading required to join the orchestra, but participants must have a basic level and music knowledge. 

How to apply for the E major Ensemble? What am I have to prepare for the audition?

The E Major Ensemble will perform an audition every year according to the orchestra's needs. Basically, the orchestra does not have any grading required for joining as member, but participants must have a basic level of relevant instrument performing skills to cope with the music practicing for performance. You will also need to prepare a performance of no more than five minutes for the audition.


It is expected that the recruitment of new members will be announced during the April-May period yearly. If you are interested in joining the orchestra for training, please stay tuned for the latest news from our Facebook page, or visit the program website for more detailed arrangements.


For enquiries, please contact our program office at 2691 1230.