Judy ChoiPercussion


Percussion broadens my horizon. My life is filled with music every day.

My father enlightened me in music. When I was young, the rooftop was our stage. My father played the music, I sang. He was proficient in different kinds of music and poems, songs and lyrics, and was an award-winning Cantonese opera composer. It is always my dream, and my late father's last hope, to sing and play his songs solo. The journey of pursuing this dream is full of surprises. From learning Chinese musical instruments to the Western ones, from learning the xylophone to joining E Major Ensemble, my horizon is widen and discovering new things every day. I had come to know different kinds of percussion instruments, my life was filled with music everyday. I am glad I wasn't idling away the musical talents my father had endowed in me.   When I was young, my world of music revolved around Cantonese opera and pop music. When my father grew old and was admitted to an elderly home, I quit my job to take care of him full time. During my long hours in the elderly home, I sang and performed with my friends from the opera group to entertain my father and other elder people. One of the friends from the opera group was proficient in both Chinese and Western music. He encouraged me to take up more new challenges. I was hesitant at first, for I only started learning Chinese musical instruments in my 50s, and knew absolutely nothing about Western music. My friend was yet so persistent and introduced me to E Major Ensemble. I took a leap of courage and step out of my Chinese opera comfort zone, and started picking up the xylophone.